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-Korkana Ryubi & Sophie Yumitori-
-EB Ceremony - May 14th-

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-Femra Xmas Special-
Dec 25, 2022
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Korkana rp info

Basic Info:

Name: Korkana Ryubi
Age: 24
Nameday: 11th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Diety: Azem
Place of Birth: Azim Steppe
Gender: She/Her.
Race: Au Ra, Xaela
Title: Khatun of Ryubi Clan (Azim Steppe)

Physical Description:

Height: 165 cm (5' 5")
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Skintone: Light, Sandy Beige
Eyes: Canary Yellow
Bust: 36B
Waist: 30
Hips: 40


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sexuality: Homosexual
Skills: Spear, Bow, Hunting/Tracking
Likes: Dancing, Storytelling, Cooking, Fighting, Drinking, Thunderstorms, Beaches
Dislikes: Extreme Cold, Liars, Rejection
Hobbies: Photography, Fishing, Physical Training

Additional Info:

Korkana is valiant and brave, but cocky. She believes that the spear is the ultimate weapon, loves taking on challengers in a fight, and loves to spar. Her mother, Matron Korah Kharaga, was considered to be the best fighter in all of the Steppe until Sadu appeared. These genes were passed to Korkana, who is never one to back down from the fight. She is the very embodiment of the Xaela Fighting Spirit. She loves food from outside the Steppe, spending time in hot baths in Doma or Yanxia, and playing games with friends. She also loves alcohol, but is not well-versed in it to have built up any good tolerance to it, and finds herself drunk quickly. With friends, she's an Older Sister type, caring and nurturing, willing to lend a hand, ear, or shoulder to those in need.

ooc info

Hihi! I'm Korbo.

  • I am a professional teacher in graphics design and business media.

  • I tutor in Adobe systems such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, as well as writing.

  • I also write professionally, play guitar and piano, and I enjoy theater and photography as hobbies.

  • other games: dcs, arma 3, insurgency sandstorm, For Honor, beat saber, nier, shogun 2, STALKER.


When did you start playing Final Fantasy XIV? What is your main class? Do you raid (or otherwise actually play the game?)
I started playing ffxiv in late August, 2020 with a group of friends exploring the free trial during the Covid-19 quarantine. I love polearms and so naturally picked LNC/DRG as my main class. I currently do not raid, but I am very interested in raiding Savage tier content! I play consistently well enough in other EX raids as DPS or Tank. The majority of my time in xiv is taking screenshots in Gpose or progressing the countless number of activities I haven't finished yet (Beast Tribes, HoH, PoTD, etc.) There is so much to do in ffxiv!
How do you take such pretty screenshots?
A mix of tools and an established fund of knowledge in design, photography and photoshop I've developed since 2006. I've worked with posing and photographing models both in real life and in-game. It really just takes a lot of practice, patience, and knowing your tools. But most [like, 99%] of what I take is generally mediocre. I just like taking screenshots of anything in this beautiful game.
Do you have a modlist? Can I have your makeup/eyes/face mods?
I have 2 mods published on XMA, "Dot-Limbal Modification" and "TOZEN-Aura Face 4 Makeup." Beyond that, clicking on the button below will let you download a .ttmp which includes everything I use personally on my character as of October 2021.
Do you photoshop your pictures?
Not as often as you'd think. Out of say, 100 pictures, I'll maybe photoshop just 10 of those pictures, and of those 10, I'll only heavily photoshop just 1 or 2 of them with composites or effects. The other 8 are generally minor adjustments or additions like color correction or cropping. Most of what you see is just Gshade doing its thing. (Know your tools!)
How can I contact you?
See my commissions page for my contact info, or you can freely send me /tells ingame if you find me.

Contact info:

  • If you'd like to get in touch with me, contact me via

  • Discord: Korbo#1711

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-Part One-

Korkana kharaga

"Xaela of the Azim Steppe are known to have unique sets of beliefs and rituals...In the Kharaga Clan, a female who cannot bear children, for any reason, is deemed an impurity."

Korkana was born to Mistress Korah and Master Si'culgash Kharaga underneath a cool summer's night sky. In Korkana's infancy, her father, Si'culgash was tragically killed in a violent duel from a rival clan. Widowed, Mistress Korah nonetheless proved herself to be a capable mother to Korkana and likewise a cunning huntress. Korah's success left such an impression on Khan Nu'guul that she would eventually become honorary Matron, training countless Kharaga warriors in the art of war and leading them into numerous victories against the clan's enemies.Korkana spent lots of quality time with her friends and training with her mother in the arts of the spear and bow. Throughout her adolescence, Korkana would often sneak away and train other members of the clan, including a blue-haired girl named Lei. The two would form a strong sisterly bond throughout their lives.

As Korkana grew closer to marrying age in the clan, complications arose regarding clan customs. Normally, women in the clan are given free-reign on who they wish to marry; Lei, for example, married their childhood friend, Ghar. However, since Korkana was Matron Korah's only daughter, Korah had the final decision on who Korkana was to marry. For the most part, this wasn't an issue: the Matron and Korkana shared a deep bond and Korah made it clear she would still give Korkana the free reign she deserved.The complication arose on the day of Korkana's first and final Nadaam. On the eve of battle, an inexperienced warchief and the son of Khan Nu'guul, Prince Shor, decided to switch the main target from the weakened Mol Clan to the powerful Dotharl Clan. Shor was given unsubstantiated reports by Kharaga scouts which suggested that the Dotharl's camp would be left undefended.Korkana, at the time, was to lead the Kharagan warriors to victory at Nadaam. However, Shor also decreed that Korkana remain safely at camp. With nobody else able to pick up the mantle for the Kharaga, Korah reluctantly agreed to become the new leader for the attack.

It was a trap.Within minutes, nearly all of the Kharagan Warriors were either wounded or killed by the Dotharl in a well-coordinated ambush, led by none other than Sadu Heavensflame herself. Though Lei and a handful of Korkana's close friends survived, Matron Korah was tragically killed. Korkana, still a dependent under her mother, was forced by tribal customs to immediately marry the Khan's firstborn son, Prince Shor, upon reaching marrying age.

Almost immediately into their union, Prince Shor proved to be power-hungry and fiendish man in all the worst ways. He constantly sought 'companionship' with other women in the clan despite being openly married to Korkana, and viciously abused Korkana in their private life. A month into their marriage, Khan Nu'guul is killed under mysterious circumstances and Prince Shor becomes Khan.His first decree as the Khan was disproportionately cruel: He decreed that females of the clan who cannot have children for any reason are to be banished from the clan via ritualistic sacrifice, to 'ensure the fertility of the clan and reduce unnecessary distractions.'Korkana was unable to become pregnant by the final harvest of the year, and thus, was imprisoned in a small hut with other women to be starved for three weeks prior to the sacrificial ritual. To survive, Lei and some of Korkana's other close friends snuck food, water, and medicine into the hut. Despite this slight comfort, by the time of Korkana's sacrifice, she was badly malnourished, weak, and ill. Shor, Korkana's own husband, personally threw Korkana off a tower into the shallow river.

But miraculously, Korkana survived the sacrificial ritual. Weakly, she managed to push herself up onto a riverbank, just before a waterfall that surely would have ended her life.

Meanwhile, a foreign lalafell by the name of Mikazuki Shiko was fishing nearby. She spotted the poor Xaela woman and took pity upon her plight. Upon reaching her unconscious on the side of the One River, Mikazuki healed Korkana back to proper health.

Mikazuki Shiko, on a streak of bad luck trying to get back home, hears out Korkana's story and ultimately decides to assist in her mission to bring down Khan Shor and free the Kharaga from unjust rule. Korkana, appreciative of Mikazuki's help, offers support to send her home upon Korkana reclaiming her place as Khatun. She asks Mikazuki where she could get further support in the form of arms, armor, and numbers. Mikazuki describes a renowned clan of Raen blacksmiths and warriors known as the Ryubi residing somewhere in The Ruby Sea.

Thus, the two begin on their journey to find the Ryubi. Korkana promises to return to the Steppe and save her people, and Mikazuki may have just found her poor luck beginning to turn!---End Part One---

Thank you for reading Korkana's Story so far! This section will eventually include the entire story (or at least, paraphrased versions.)If you are interested in reading more, I suggest checking out my comic on this story on tumblr! Click the button below to be taken to the page!

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